Looking At Landcare (3/4/2020) – Spring Planning

Hi Landcarer’s

Once again another week down the track, we find ourselves with another layer of rules to keep us safe.

It is quite disarming to think that we are one of the most advanced generations in terms of information availability and supposed knowledge, yet I turned the television off to one mother that I heard complaining about being in lockdown for 14 days after being overseas.

So, what have you been doing to curb the possibility of infection? I went shopping for the first time in over a week yesterday, to find that things were ‘relatively’ back to normal in terms of what I would normally be purchasing. Yes…toilet paper! Yes….canned tomatoes! Apart from packing my own bags and making sure that I kept away from other shoppers (of which there weren’t many at that stage of the morning). I was happy to pack my own bags as I load things on to the conveyer as I would expect them to be packed….we all have our ‘things’.

I know, not very Landcarish so far, but I just want to say thank you to those friendly people that are out there providing these services to us, including poor security guard who shouldn’t have to be there (but was glad he was, in case some crazed person from out of town tried to mug me for my four rolls).

Evidently there has been a rush on plants at nurseries, which is fantastic! I have a weak spot for plants and spend a lot of time ‘planning’ where I will plant something and am glad to have had the opportunity in the past few days to spend more time in the back garden, actually planting.

Just imagine how fabulous all of our gardens are going to look in spring time (when this is all over). Another reason to appreciate living in the country. We have space! Get out there and make the most of your garden if you have leave that you weren’t expecting to have. Stay home, finish a project, start a project.

A big thank you to those who have sent in their expressions of interest for our tree project. These plants will be ordered in the days ahead and I am looking forward to seeing some fabulous photos of the work completed.

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