Local Landcare Coordinators Initiative

Central West Lachlan Landcare (CWLL) employ a part-time coordinator, with funding provided under the Local Landcare Coordinators Initiative (LLCI).

The LLCI is a $15 million, four year project to renew the government – community relationship and unlock the full potential of thousands of volunteers in the Landcare Network.

The LLCI reflects this partnership sentiment. It has been designed to put resources back into Landcare where it has been called for – putting Landcare in NSW on a more sustainable footing, with the majority of the funds going to community-based local coordinator positions.

The initiative has seen a number of great achievements to date, including:

  • The equivalent of 30 full time positions being rolled out across the state in the form of over 70 part time coordinators employed
  • A suite of state wide and regional networking events to support the Community of Practice
  • The initiation of a state wide Landcare insurance program.

Leadership of the program at a state level is shared between the NSW State Landcare Coordinator (Landcare NSW) and the NSW Landcare Program Manager (Local Land Services). Working together, these roles are linking their organisations and building on the capacity of each.

For more information, go to the Landcare NSW website.