Central West Lachlan Landcare, oversee Parkes DrumMuster at Parkes Waste Depot, with the assistance of many local Landcare group volunteers and Parkes Shire Council.

To keep our volunteers safe, we require all drums to be cleaned and dry prior to delivery at the DrumMuster Cage for collection. Find out which containers are eligible here. Please note that drums that have not been rinsed and dried prior to drop off pose a risk to our volunteers. If drums are not cleaned they may be rejected.

The DrumMuster program have provided guidelines to assist chemical users with cleaning procedures. More information can be found here.

Some simple steps for cleaning can be found here.

Other helpful information:

Agsafe Product Stewardship

DrumMUSTER Program information

DrumMUSTER Inspection Standards

Do you need more information on what to do with surplus agricultural and veterinary chemicals? More for information, click here.