Sustainable Schools Landcare Learning & Literacy


We are looking forward to once again sharing some of our resources with schools in the Parkes and Forbes Shires.

Our Landcare Learning and Landcare Literacy programs consist of 12 Literacy Kits and 14 Learning Kits covering a range of topics from Plants to Lifecycles, through to Ants and Composting. These kits are available for use by school and on a term basis.

Due to COVID precautions we had stopped sharing these resources and now we want to get out and share them.

Kits are an opportunity for a class to gain additional reading and activity resources to add to an existing learning module.

Of course, we have some guidelines for use to ensure that these are used and distributed in the safest possible way. I would be happy to work in with schools with their requirements.

We have set up a booking system that can be easily accessed via our website. I have put up a quick link from our home page and it will be shared via social media. This link can also be accessed via our Sustainable Schools Landcare Learning and Literacy option via Projects tab.

The Landcare Learning kits have been developed by the volunteers and staff of Central West Lachlan Landcare with the aim of providing schools with the opportunity to access additional educational resources to educate students on a range of environmental topics.

We hope that these kits prove to be a valuable resource for children and educators alike, and we welcome any feedback that our organisation can use to improve the environmental education programs we have in place.

If your school is interested in a half hour presentation on a particular topic, please email me at and I would be keen to discuss options with teachers.

Our Landcare Learning kits contain a mix of resources (mainly books and some puzzles) that are based on a particular topic. Our Landcare Literacy Kits are a mix of mostly books with a focus on science, agriculture, environment etc. Kits are available for Stage 1 through to Stage 4.

If you have any ideas for other resources that your school would find helpful of a similar nature, we would be keen to hear from you.

I am looking forward to being able to participate at schools again.For further information on this article, please go to, twitter, facebook or Instagram @cwllandcare

This project was funded through the Central West Local Land Services and Essential Energy.

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