Central West and Lachlan provide support to communities in the Parkes and Forbes Shires. The activities of Landcare are the result of volunteers that have a desire to maintain and improve their environment-promoting natural resource management and sustainable farming practices. This is achieved through on-ground works, coordinating and implementing field days and workshops, and working in with schools and like minded organisations.

We pursue funding and other opportunities, with the intention of increasing biodiversity and productivity, whilst expanding education on NRM issues. We promote a collaborative approach with local groups, to make the CWLL area vibrant and sustainable.

Marg - Campaign photo.jpgOur Coordinator, Marg Applebee has agreed to be part of the Every Day Hero Campaign for Landcare NSW. Marg will be sharing a little bit about her life and how she came to have a passion for the environment and agriculture….and Landcare, every day leading up to Christmas. Read more on our social media links below.

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Marg’s EDH blogs can be found here:

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