Looking At Landcare (17/4/2020) – Be mindful of weeds….and each other

Hi Landcarer’s

Someone asked me the other day if I was a non-essential worker.

After getting over the shock that someone would ask me this question, fully knowing what role I have, I realised that for some reason they got some satisfaction out of saying this. It also obviously boosted their self-esteem and goes in the face of everything that we have to be conscious of during this difficult time.

Now is the time to be even more careful with our words and social media comments. Now is the time to be forgiving if someone tries to take us down this road. Stretch our forgiveness muscle. We are all needed. Some of us are fortunate to have leave to take. Some are now without any form of income. Some are employers of others and cannot support them. Some are on tractors! Regardless,  you just never know what they may be dealing with. If you are struggling, you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

As mentioned previously, one of the new passions that has been found as a result of COVID-19, is gardening and with additional rain in the past week, everything is looking amazing…including the weeds!

The Central West Local Land Services can provide information on weeds that are currently a concern. Anyone who is still taking in some daily exercise would be well aware of what is out there. Usually the cat head (caltrop) is hanging out with his mate khaki weed (alternanthera pungens). For anyone who has met either of these characters, it would have been an encounter that you wouldn’t forget too quickly.

I made the mistake of catching up with both of them yesterday, whilst on an essential trip and had a massive clean up in the car and from my shoes when I returned home. You’d think I’d now better by now!

If you are out and about for essential reasons, be mindful of where you are walking. Keeping on top of these weeds is a massive job, particularly when some of the most annoying ones don’t have the priority listing. Check your shoes, check your tyres.

We are all in it together guys! We are doing a pretty fabulous job so far. Please be kind to each other. Things will never be the same, but here’s hoping for a wonderful new normal!

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