Looking At Landcare (6/3/2020) – Each for Equal on International Women’s Day

Hi Landcarer’s

With International Women’s Day (IWD) ahead this weekend, this week’s column is a bit of a reflection on the topic.

I know that having a specific day to celebrate women seems ridiculous to some. I was probably one of those people until recently, when I actually took the time to understand what it is about.

With what could be described as a ‘traditional white upbringing’, a typical Gen X, I had not had to face many of the challenges or experienced the in-equality that many women face all over the world. With many gone before me to change the perceptions and balance in the workplace, in my little world, it is an issue that I see, but have not had to openly challenge many times in my life.

The theme this year is Each for Equal. It isn’t about men and women being the same. It is about gender equality. For me it is about recognising what each person is bringing to the table. The theme highlights the importance of collective individualism. We are all parts of a whole. Our individual actions, conversations, behaviours and mindsets can have an impact on our larger society.

This issue is of equal importance for men and women, because how we interact and work with each other is fed on to the next generation.

Having a day set aside is just a reminder. It doesn’t just stop on that day. Sometimes, women and men who have not been given the tools to know any different, need some attention brought to the topic.

Many of you would know that this is a Local Government election year. We are fortunate to have representation from women in both Parkes and Forbes Shire Councils. These are the people that represent us, speak for us and make decisions on our behalf. Have you thought about putting yourself forward to be part of our representative bodies?

We are fortunate to be hosting the NSW Rural Women’s Gathering in Forbes between 23 – 25 October, which will showcase local and national women speakers who come from many walks of life, not necessarily what would traditionally be scene as leaders, but rather, influencers….positive influencers, whether it be as part of a partnership or as an individual.

Be a positive influencer. Make a difference in your community. #EachforEqual

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Pictured are Catriona McAuliffe, Caron Chester, Marg Applebee and Di Gill with inspirational actress Amanda Muggleton at the 2019 NSW Rural Women’s Gathering.