Looking At Landcare (28/2/2020) – Know how your e-devices came into the world and make sure they leave the best way they can

Hi Landcarer’s

This is our final week with a focus on regenerative organisation goals.

I have covered off on purchasing and supply chain, staff and workplace wellbeing, and disposal and recycling and how an organisations attitude and practices to these things can massively impact on attitude and the standards that are maintained. In turn, how your organisation or business is viewed by others.

We have moved the mindset from just being sustainable, to being regenerative, considering that we all need to keep positive momentum in order to maintain enthusiasm and commitment.

This week, following on from the importance of knowing your purchasing and supply chain, and then, in turn, knowing where it is all going when you are finished with it….we are looking at infrastructure and equipment.

There are three aspects of this that I see as important. The first is having an understanding of what it is that you need to purchase. Is it just a knee-jerk reaction to a suggestion, or have you really given some thought as to how it will be used, how often it will be used and if you are getting value for money from your investment.

The next two are more challenging, with the second being around where it has been manufactured and their credentials…Do you know where it has been manufactured? What type of labour force has been used to manufacture the item? Do they have any ‘green credentials’.

I must admit that when I seem a gleaming new printer that is needed because a previous one has broken down…and it seems like life may never be the same until I get that new printer….these haven’t been the first things that have gone through my head. It is MY convenience and MY work that is suffering because I just need to print stuff!

The third and last aspect to consider is what can be done with the old item when it has reached the end of its intended life. Can it be recycled? Is there someone who could use it instead of popping it in the storeroom? Will you take the easy option and chuck it in the red bin or look into options to recycle your e-waste?

Remember that when we throw our electronic waste to landfill, there are poisonous substances that help our devices to function, that may leach and could be recycled.

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