Looking At Landcare (21/2/2020) – Regenerative Goals Set A High Standard

Hi Landcarer’s

Continuing on with our regenerative goals this week for your workplace or group…or just at home, our focus turns to disposal and recycling.

After interaction with many children over the past few years talking about recycling and rubbish, I know that they get it. If these things are not backed up at home, school or in a future workplace, it is taking the easy option and not standing out or up is probably often the norm.

I meet a lot of cynical people who just think it is a waste of time. I think they are just lazy. I see the amazing things being done to recycle plastic, paper and technology. Our Councils pay significant dollars every year to reduce landfill. It’s rate payer money and still there is reluctance to contribute to something that our hard-earned money is paying for.

There will never be a ‘perfect’ solution to all of our waste disposal challenges (not in my lifetime at least), but there is still a lot we can be doing.

Think about what you are purchasing for an event. There are so many options out there now that don’t involve plastic. I know…no-one wants to be left doing the washing up! Make a plan for post event clean up…before the event. Have the goal of a zero or low waste event. It is happening all of the time! We have a perfect example with Grazing Down the Lachlan.

At our Landcare Pink Up Parkes Walk and Wellness morning in October, where we served breakfast, we used cups and spoons that would break down. Ceramic containers for distribution and normal serving spoons. It was just a quick wash up at the end. Scraps to the worm farm….or chooks!

This is the goal for all of our future events. It sometimes means a bit more work, but no throwing out a bag of plastic plates and cutlery at the end of an event.

Low or no waste is a commitment that the Forbes NSW Rural Women’s Gathering Committee have also made a priority in their planning. We want to set the bar high for future Gatherings and show that these things are important for country towns and it is achievable.

Having regenerative goals for your organisation shows that you will do that bit extra and set the bar high.

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