Looking At Landcare (20/10/2022) – Parliamentary Friends of Landcare Returns

Hi Landcarer’s

Central West Lachlan Landcare (CWLL) Chairperson, Margot Jolly and myself represented Central West Region at the State Parliamentary Friends of Landcare Trees in the House event at Parliament House on Tuesday evening.

After a two year break due to COVID, the annual flagship event, hosted by Landcare NSW and the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare (PFL), showcased the success and resilience of the Landcare movement.

Over 90 Members of Parliament, Government representatives and Landcarers across the State participated in the evening, hosted by Landcare NSW and the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare (PFL). The event is an opportunity to showcase the success of the Landcare movement in NSW.

Landcare NSW is responsible for state-wide initiatives such as the NSW Landcare Program in partnership with Local Land Services, employing over 80 part time Local Landcare Coordinators to support Landcare across the State.

Gurmesh Singh, Member for Coffs Harbour, took on the role of Chair for the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare (PFL) group earlier in 2022. The PFL brings together Members of Parliament from all political parties who have a common interest in supporting the goals of Landcare.

Minister for Agriculture, the Hon Dugald Saunders and member for Dubbo spoke alongside Landcare leaders from the South East, Greater Sydney and Western regions of the state highlighting the diversity of work, and landscapes in which Landcare operates.

On the evening it was a pleasure to catch up with State Member for Orange, Mr Phil Donato MP. We are fortunate to have ongoing support from Phil as our Local Member, including his support the PFL and their annual events.

Even though Landcare groups all work as separate entities, this is a positive opportunity to work together on a State level to ensure that Landcare continues well into the future.

The NSW PFL provides an avenue for Members of Parliament to connect with and offer support to Landcare both at the state level and locally in suburbs, regional towns and farming communities.

The PFL are a cross-party group of NSW Members of Parliament in support of Landcare, established in 2015 as an outcome of the Sustaining Landcare campaign prior to the 2015 State Government election.

The PFL continues a longstanding tradition of multi-party support for Landcare with all political parties represented.

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