Looking At Landcare (23/12/2021) – The Year That Was….a Surprising Success for Landcare

Hi Landcarers

As we draw to a close on 2021, I want to take the opportunity to thank all of our supporters, members, volunteers, workshop attendees and contributors.

We are so fortunate to have been able to deliver some wonderful projects and opportunities during 2021.

It is hard to believe looking back that we have been through another lockdown and are teetering on…gees, I’m not exactly sure what this is we are teetering on! It makes me even more grateful for living in the country and having space to share.

The highlight for me was our visit with Costa Georgiadis in May. Anyone who engaged with him over the time that he was in Forbes would acknowledge that he was engaging, kind and passionate about the land and our environment.

Seeing him engage with over 300 kids and teachers at Eco Day was the fruition of a challenge that I had set myself in October of 2017 at the Local Land Services and Landcare Conference in Albury. I do believe that writing down a goal can be very beneficial.

We had been approached by schools over the years of running Eco Day asking if more children could be included. The workshops provided on the day by cover the environment, recycling, Wiradjuri culture, FishCare, worm farms, eco art and much more.

This year we were able to expand the day to engage and educate over 300 children from Year 5 attending Forbes and Parkes Shire schools.

Of course, we held our Landcare dinner that evening at Town Hall, which was fabulous and went on to the Open Day at the Forbes Riverside Community Garden on the next day.

We have been fortunate to be able to run several workshops and provide tubestock to complete a project that had been held over due to the drought and then COVID19.

There has been heaps more that I don’t have space to write about here….check it out on our social media.

None of this is possible without our wonderful team of volunteers. I have to give particular mention to my Committee who volunteer their time to support me. I am looking forward to another year ahead with these fabulous people and hope that you will be able to join us at one or more of our activities.

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