Looking At Landcare (16/12/2021) – Kokoda Walk Success

Hi Landcarers

In partnership with the National Parks Association (NPA) Lachlan Valley Branch, we were pleased to be part of a walk at Kokoda Biodiversity Offset Property.

Kokoda is owned by CMOC NorthParkes Mines. This property has existing stands of native vegetation and over the past two years they have been working to revegetate the area with over 18,000 trees and shrubs planted.

We want to say a massive thank you to the CMOC-NorthParkes Environmental Team for making us feel so welcome and taking the time to answer questions and keep us nourished.

Along with many fabulous plants and insects (pictures available via our Facebook and Instagram page). The following birds were listed on our walk: Willie wagtail; Galah; White-throated treecreeper; Australian magpie; Striated pardalote; Dusky wood swallow; Eastern rosella; Spotted pardalote; Yellow-faced honeyeater; Superb fairy wren; White-wing chough; Red wattle bird; Rufous whistler; Australian raven; Weebill; White-plumed honeyeater; Superb parrot; Noisy minor; Red rump parrot; Grey crown babbler; Kookaburra.

The birds were recorded during the late morning on a walk and while viewing the new plantings which are growing fantastically well.

This walk was a wonderful opportunity to observe with the NPA group and be part of a bird count and to look over the new planting project, hear from the environmental team and ask questions.

Kokoda Biodiversity Offset was purchased by Northparkes Mines in 2014 and established as a conservation area with the aim of restoring degraded farmland to a functioning woodland. Kokoda is secured under the protection of a Voluntary Conservation Agreement (VCA), locking it in perpetuity for the sole purpose of enhancing biodiversity values.

The conservation area is 350 hectares comprised of open grassland and dense woodland, located in the Mandagery landscape. As part of the VCA commitments, Northparkes set out to restore 37.3 hectares of degraded grassland to a Grey Box Grassy Woodland (GBGW) community, reflective of the surrounding plant community type.

Over the course of 18 months, the partnership of Northparkes and Skillset Landworks have undertaken land preparation activities and installed 18,000 tubestock across the specific target area. Ongoing maintenance of the tubestock will be undertaken to ensure their success and establishment in the landscape.

We look forward to many other opportunities to experience all that this property has to offer. A well chosen property and a wonderful inclusion for our area.

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