Looking At Landcare (30/10/2020) – Committee Reflect on a Successful Financial Year & Plan for Exciting Future

Hi Landcarers

Familiar faces continue to support Central West Lachlan Landcare Inc in the next financial year.

On Wednesday evening we held a low key Annual General Meeting via Zoom. A first for us, I think.

Margot Jolly from Parkes has once again taken on the role of Chairperson for the 2020-21 Committee. We are fortunate to still have Ben Kerin from Trundle amongst us as Deputy Chairperson.

Margaret Haddin from Parkes has stepped down as Treasurer after eight years and will leave extremely large shoes to fill. She has kindly taken on the role of Secretary. As anyone who is involved in voluntary organisations would know, especially those that have assets to maintain, staff to pay etc, it makes a massive difference if you have a fabulous team supporting you…and that is what we are very fortunate to have!

Maree Yapp, who has been in our Committee for several years, contributing in roles of Secretary and Public Officer, has taken on the role of Treasurer. We know that this is an area that Maree is well skilled in and are grateful that she has taken this on. Many of you would know Maree in one of the many hats that she wears in the Forbes community.

We have ongoing representation from both the Parkes and Forbes Shires from Michael Chambers, based in Parkes Shire and Darrin Kopp and Peter White from Forbes Shire.

We are happy to once again welcome Cr Barbara Newton from Parkes Shire and Michele Herbert from Forbes Shire.

The excerpt of our Annual Report is available for distribution. This report is an overview, including Chairperson report, Treasurer’s Report and Coordinators report, and further details on significant undertakings over the past year…and photos! (basically what some people would consider the fun bit of the Annual Report).

Gorgeous Matilda is on our Landcare Annual Report front cover. Taken at Forbes National Tree Day in July 2019…she pretty much reflects the financial year for me. There were plenty of fabulous bits. It wasn’t what I expected. Life is still pretty good in our neck of the woods.  

Obviously COVID19 has impacted deliverables from some of our projects, but we were fortunate to have an extremely busy year in the lead up to March/April 2020 and we are gearing up again for a busy remainder of the 2020-21 financial year.

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