Looking At Landcare (2/10/2020) – Landcare Seed Collection Workshop to be held in November

Hi Landcarers

I am pleased to welcome Mikla Lewis to deliver a seed collection workshop in Parkes on Wednesday, 25 November.

I have been quite overwhelmed with requests for this workshop, so I am thrilled to be able to deliver! It is fabulous to have so many people interested in collection. Bookings are essential and we, of course, will be adhering to COVID restrictions.

Please note that there may be restrictions on the number of attendees from one group.  

Funding for this project is possible through Landcare Australia and ARTC Drought Assistance Grants, which we had carried over from 2019.

Mikla is well known to many in the Landcare sphere. She is formally a Landcare Coordinator at Weddin Landcare and was awarded the Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award in 2017. Mikla, a woman of many talents, founded WIRES in 1986 and is still a passionate volunteer.

The one day training will provide information on basic plant identification, including where you are likely to find certain species, what species are prominent in our local area, when is the appropriate time for gathering seed, gathering processes, sorting processes and storage. The workshop will be both written and practical.

The afternoon will be an opportunity for the group to get out into the field and undertake seed collection and practice record keeping techniques.

Many people underestimate the work that goes into seed collection and the importance of recording and appropriate storage.

If you are collecting seed there are basic expectations around location, permission etc that many people who have not undertaken appropriate education, can overlook. For some, seeking permission is a basic courtesy, let alone a legal requirement, for others, this is quite often overlooked and can in many cases, actually be illegal.

I know that the end of November may be a challenge for some, but unfortunately, we have to work with the timing of nature.

If you would like to submit an Expression of Interest to be part of the Seed Collection Workshop, please go to our website to find the link and we will do our best to accommodate all EOI.

Pictured is some seed that has been collected through previous projects, which we are looking forward to seeing propagated with the Forbes Riverside Community Garden in the year ahead to complete our landholder project that commenced in 2019.

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