Looking At Landcare (7/8/2020) – Landcarers Planting as Part of Drought Recovery Grants

We are in the midst of Landcare Week! Not exactly what we would have expected at the start of the year.

It was a pleasure to distribute some of the tubestock as part of a grant project that had been held over during the drought.

With support from funding from Landcare Australia and Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), Central West Lachlan Landcare distributed over 500 native tubestock to landholders with a focus on assisting with drought recovery and increasing habitat.

Aside from being able to fulfil part of our project, the best part of being involved is getting to catch up with our members and meet some for the first time when I deliver plants. I have already received some beautiful pics that I will share via social media, of some of our plants going in the ground already! With the rain ahead of us over the next few days, nothing beats the feeling of getting those plants in and a really good downfall!

Given the drought conditions of the last few years, many nurseries did not propagate the numbers of tubestock that would normally be available, so we are looking forward to providing the remainder of tubestock from local propagation next year with the assistance of the Forbes Community Garden.

Due to previous successful seed collection projects, we are hoping to be able to provide seed of local provenance for propagation.

I have had many people contact me regarding tree planting this season and with the shortages of tubestock, I have suggested that planning for 2021 is the best possible option, so that when autumn comes around, you are well prepared.

If you have a property plan, you have probably already identified areas that would be suited to planting. If you have stock that access the area, fencing, at least during establishment of the trees is essential.

In the lead up to planting, spraying for weeds (or any other method that you can use) is essential. This can just be spot spraying in the tree placement.

Mulch! The most successful of our plantings have been mulched heavily. This is fantastic for weed suppression and, depending on what mulch you use, can also have wonderful nutritional benefits for the tubestock. Realistically in the first year, if you haven’t received regular rain, you need to be prepared for back up watering.

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