Looking At Landcare (18/5/2023) – Landcare Gathering an Opportunity to Reconnect

Hi Landcarer’s

I am one of over 180 Landcarers and community partners from across NSW in Coffs Harbour this week, as part of the NSW Landcare Program State Gathering.

Holiday location, but still the normal weekly commitments like a column are required. Anyone who works as a solitary unit appreciates the opportunity to re-group and be encouraged by their peers and learn about new opportunities for our communities.

Over the twelve years that I have been working with Landcare we have seen significant changes. Find out a bit more about the Gathering prepared by Landcare NSW below.

The Gathering runs from Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th May, and is an opportunity for the network of Regional Landcare Coordinators, Local Landcare Coordinators and community host organisations, to share experiences, learn skills and re-connect with each other.

The 2019-2023 NSW Landcare Program funded by the NSW Government, is a collaborative initiative of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW empowering Landcarers to take action on local problems and deliver outcomes that address local and regional issues.

Landcare NSW Chair Stephanie Cameron said the event is critical to building common understanding and capacity across the state.

“Landcare’s strength lies in the strength of its grassroots, community movement – it’s about local people doing work on the ground to provide local solutions to local problems,” said Ms Cameron.

“The NSW Landcare Program supports the network of hard-working volunteers in local communities who manage and restore the natural environment, improve the sustainability of agricultural production and build the resilience of communities.”

The objectives of the 2023 Gathering are:

Reconnect – bringing the Landcare community together in person after years of online
meetings and no events

Capacity building – sharing skills through networking, workshops and presentations

Recharge – having the event in a relaxed environment and allowing time for participants to

NSW Landcare CEO Turlough Guerin said the learnings and connections that participants experience at the gathering will provide peer support and information sharing opportunities.

“The State Gathering is an opportunity for our Coordinators and Host Organisations consisting mainly of Landcare groups to input into the next four-year Program and apply learnings to assist in delivering outcomes in their communities in the future.”

This initiative is made possible by the NSW Landcare Program. A collaboration between Landcare NSW and the Local Land Services, supported by the NSW Government.

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