Looking At Landcare – Scary Had No Future As a Costa Scarecrow

Hi Landcarers

As part of the Homegrown Parkes event we are calling all scarecrows to gather!

Schools, businesses and organisations are invited to bring their scarecrow along for display at Homegrown Parkes. Scarecrows need to have a connection in some way to our guest, Costa Georgiadis.

When I first knew about a scarecrow display I thought I would be able to ‘recycle’ my scary scarecrow that I made for the Forbes Riverside Community Gardens Open Day a few years ago. He was sitting in my backyard scaring unsuspecting visitors…..that was until my puppy came along.

For a while I thought she enjoyed scary’s company, until one day his boot disappeared…then the other boot disappeared….and then I found him strewn across the backyard. He is now mulch for my garden.

Back to the drawing board!

We are encouraging organisations who are developing a scarecrow to also promote themselves. Include an A4 promoting what you do, your logo or a message and we would love to share that you have been involved in the event in the lead up and on the day.

In the last week bookings have gone online for the bus trip to a local garden and for the Central West Lachlan Landcare Dinner at Bogan Gate. All of these links are on our website and social media.

On the garden tour, they we will be talking about successes and failures in the garden and encouraging families to get out into their garden patch, no matter how big or small….and start growing. The bus will depart from Cooke Park at 1pm. Bookings are essential.

Our Landcare Dinner will, of course, have special guest speaker Costa Georgiadis, with MC Geoff Rice, our beautiful dinner prepared by Eat Your Greens….and refreshments will be sorted with Bogan Gate Pub.

Buses are available between Forbes and Bogan Gate and Parkes.

Central West Lachlan Landcare can deliver Homegrown Parkes, with the support of Parkes Community Arts and Parkes Shire Council. This is a free event open to everyone between 9am and 2pm on Saturday, 25 March at Cooke Park.

Stallholder applications are now online. Don’t forget our Costa Rocks Competition for under 12 year olds. Entries can be brought for display from 10am after Crop Swap is complete.

Don’t forget the day will be officially opened at 9am at the Pavilion.

For further information on this article, please go to www.centralwestlachlanlandcare.org, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @cwllandcare