Looking At Landcare (16/6/2022) – BCT and Landcare NSW Private Land Conservation

Hi Landcarer’s

Landcare NSW and the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) are working with regional Landcare networks to raise awareness and support private land conservation efforts across the NSW.

A co-managed and community-guided program, Partnering in Private Land Conservation Program aims to work collaboratively to build understanding and skills regarding biodiversity, educate private landholders on conservation efforts, and increase participation in private land conservation.

The program will build on, and further the successful work already undertaken by the NSW Landcare community and the strength of partnerships and understanding of the importance of biodiversity at a grass roots level.

Key objectives of the project include:

  • Building understanding and capacity between the BCT and local Landcare groups to complement each other’s knowledge and skills and plan how to work together.
  • Building biodiversity conservation knowledge with landholders through communication and education initiatives. This will be delivered through grant funding to eligible groups who wish to participate.
  • Increase the participation of landholders in private land conservation programs.

Across the state, Regional Landcare Networks have been funded to develop networking, education and communication activities with private landholders. These projects will build understanding of private land conservation and increase opportunities for regional Landcare and BCT staff and volunteers to meet and share their knowledge and skills.

Private landholders will be provided with opportunities to network, participate in education and training activities and share their stories of conservation on their own land.

Protecting Precious Patches in the Central West region aims at educating, enhancing and supporting Biodiversity conservation in the region. This project will target specific areas where biodiversity management actions are already in place and match those to the Local Landcare group and local coordinator’s on ground knowledge to create purposeful events which will grow awareness and build skill sets. At completion the project will have engaged the wider community, enhance landholder knowledge base and build and strengthen the Landcare and BCT relationship in the region.

Central West Lachlan Landcare are pleased to be holding several sessions including seed collection and flora and fauna identification with support from the National Parks Association and with presenter Mikla Lewis in early October.

We are also looking forward to welcoming Simon Campbell, Biodiversity Conservation Trust Regional Manager, Central West and Western as our guest speaker at our Annual General Meeting on 21 September in Forbes.

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