Looking At Landcare (21-4-2022) – Plastic Free?

Hi Landcarer’s

I’m on the Plastic Free July email list…yes, this means that I receive challenging and through provoking emails about reducing waste and yes….going plastic free in July!

Don’t get all weird and fob it off as some ‘green’ reaction to waste. It is a reality that we all face every day. The options for reducing or recycling our plastic waste however, are changing.

I have plastic waste just like everyone else. I recycle and yes, I do think I am making a difference! We have more and more amazing technology coming our way that is beyond our standard understanding of plastic recycling….and here’s the thing people, if we don’t start making significant changes to our recycling…or non-recycling habits, we are going to end up in an even bigger mess than we are now.

With one of our most significant events upon us in the Elvis Festival, how much waste will we be producing and how many people will be making a conscious decision to bring a coffee cup or bring a water bottle? We have the capability to handle BYO cups, so challenge yourself to be among the people who brings your own.

From Plastic Free July: Now is a great opportunity to take a look at what we are consuming and the waste we are creating and consider ways to reduce and choosing to refuse everyday single-use plastic items.

Once a pleasure enjoyed seated in cafes or standing up at a bar Italian style, in many countries, grabbing a coffee ‘to go’ in a disposable cup has been a growing habit, especially during the pandemic.

Whilst some single-use coffee cups are plastic such as foam (styrofoam), even paper cups are lined with plastic to laminate the inside and plastic lids are used.

Whether you are a local or a visitor reading this, you can make a difference to our level of waste over the Elvis Festival.

In this busy week in Parkes and Forbes Shires, please be thinking ahead. Pack your water bottle, pack your coffee cup and make a difference. I know! Sometimes we forget, but please give being proactive a chance and you will be making a difference.

That waste all has to go somewhere. You can  make a difference, set an example for others and show that you care about our environment.

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