Looking At Landcare (17/9/2021) – Forbes NSW Rural Women’s Gathering Committee moving forward to 2022

Hi Landcarers

We can finally see life post-lockdown! Boundaries around how we can gather might still be a bit uncertain.

The NSW Rural Women’s Gathering Committee are still planning for our event to be held now between 1 – 3 April 2022. We are now going through the process of re-branding….as much as practically possible.

We appreciate the support from the community and the NSW Rural Women’s Gathering attendees. It has been lovely to have so much positive feedback, which definitely reassures us that the Gathering community are just as keen to meet in 2022, as they have been in the past.

To ensure that we are working inline with COVID19 restrictions relevant to an event that is now six and a half months away, we won’t be opening registrations until the new year.

The Committee makes key decisions, develops a theme and the weekend program. Each Gathering reflects the unique culture, industry, tourism and environment of the host community. The theme for Forbes Gathering is…..Forbes Rural Women’s Gathering 2022: AMAZING Women With Vision.

We still have smaller sponsorship options available and are keen to hear from anyone that might be interested in sponsoring an event or workshop. This includes samples or vouchers that can be included in our Gathering Bags. So get thinking!

The whole Gathering has a focus on reducing waste that can so quickly become part of large events. We don’t want to host an event that leaves a huge non-biodegradable foot print. It can sometimes be a tricky balance between giving out ‘cool stuff’ or giving out stuff that will just become rubbish.

We are pleased to be holding the Gathering at the iconic Forbes Town Hall and we want to be able to share the fantastic historical venues and spaces that Forbes is so well known for.

On the website at www.forbes2021nswruralwomensgathering.com we will be sharing information about our fantastic key note speakers and performers. We are so excited to have a fabulous line up for this weekend in Forbes.

Obviously, COVID19 is always in the back of our minds, being the reason that we postponed the event to 2021 in the first place. We will be working with Forbes Shire Council and the Department of Health to ensure that every precaution is taken to keep our regional communities safe and keep our Gathering attendees safe.

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