Looking At Landcare (6/8/2021) – National Tree Day at Parkes Increasing Fuzzy Box Habitat

Hi Landcarers

We had a fantastic day on Sunday for National Tree Day! The predicted wind caught up with us at Forbes on Saturday…and the rain just held off for us at Parkes.

It has been great to have a little follow up rain for the plants, but, I know that some people are quite ready for it to hold off for a while now.

Conditions were a tad wet at our site at the Akuna Road, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of volunteers on the day!

320 trees and shrubs were planted by members of the community.

It was fantastic to see such a wonderful group turn out on the day. Our focus is working together as a community and increasing habitat and connectivity for local fauna.

“We have had some of our community attending for many years, but are always excited to see new faces” said Central West Lachlan Landcare Chairperson, Margot Jolly.

Trees and shrubs were provided by Parkes Shire Council and follow up maintenance and establishment watering will be undertaken by Council.

“We aim to plant well and mulch well when they are established to minimise follow up watering. said Landcare Coordinator, Marg Applebee.

Central West Lachlan Landcare were once again pleased to be working in partnership with Parkes Shire Council, with the support of Toyota, who supplied shirts and gloves for the day.

National Tree Day started in 1996 and is now Australia’s largest community tree-planting and nature care event.

Research initiated by Planet Ark has shown over 50% of Australians have said they felt compelled to act in the interest of environmental causes after witnessing the devastation of the 2019/2020 summer bushfires.

Young Australians aged 18-29 desired to take action most strongly, with over 60% compelled to act. The research also found approximately 55% of Australians felt that time in nature improved their mood or eased anxieties during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The statistics come as part of a new report from environmental foundation Planet Ark. The report, Regeneration: for our land, our people and our future, focuses on the impact of the year’s unprecedented events, the bushfire season and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, on Australia’s environment and collective wellbeing.

Well done Parkes! We are looking forward to seeing these plants grow over the years ahead!

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