Looking At Landcare (1/4/2021) – Fantastic Response to Bird Workshops

Hi Landcarers

Last Wednesday we were fortunate to welcome an enthusiastic group to Parkes through the Get to Know the Glossy Black Cockatoo workshop.

The group heard from Local Land Services Officer Libby McIntyre, who gave an overview of the Making Central Inland Glossies Great Again project. As part of the project, if was fun to be able to handle a 3D model of a Glossy to provide an idea of their size and features.

We were thrilled to once again welcome Warren Chad (Chaddy) to show some of his magnificent photography and provide insight into Glossy Black habitat for both nesting and breeding. Chaddy covered off on the characteristics of this small cockatoo, which is listed as vulnerable/threatened.

The pairs, which mate for life, lay only one egg in each breeding cycle, in winter. The reason that we need to talk about habitat, is because it is decreasing. They nest in hollows, but the majority of their feed is sourced from allocasuarinas.

Due to the weather conditions in the lead up to the event, the scheduled walk at Lake Metcalfe was not able to proceed, which left more time to hear more about the Glossy Black, bird watching, nature photography and the basic principles to follow when using bird guides, both in paper form and through a phone app.

We are looking forward to our next workshop, which will be with guest speaker, Matt Cameron. Matt is the Saving our Species Team Leader, Energy, Environment and Science, based in Albury working in the field of natural resource management for nearly 20 years, with a particular emphasis on threatened species conservation.

The Swift Parrot is listed Nationally as Critically Endangered. So, this workshop, with guest speaker is a fantastic chance to learn more about their migration and food sources.

Registered workshop attendees will be notified of venue and further requirements for the walk on Tuesday morning, prior to the event.

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These workshops are held with the support of the Central West Local Land Services, Parkes Shire Council and the Lachlan Valley Branch of the National Parks Association.

For further information please go to www.centralwestlachlanlandcare.org or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at @cwllandcare.

Get to Know the Swift Parrot Field Day (7-4-2021)