Looking At Landcare (8/1/2021) – Fresh Inspiration for New Year!

Hi Landcarers

Best wishes for the new year ahead! How are those resolutions going?

No resolutions for me this year! My 2020 resolution was quashed early on in the year….as were a lot of things. I have decided that it is a better idea to do more of the things that I love doing, take more chances, continue to appreciate good food (and beverages) and focus on goals that I can achieve myself, with the ongoing desire to leave things in a better condition than I found them.

I hope that you have something to inspire you moving forward. Certainly, Landcare does in the year ahead.

I have been re-inspired this week to commence a vegetable patch. After moving only months ago, I have yet to establish anything that resembles a patch…and after the deluges that we have experienced in the past couple of months, I at least have a better idea of the lay of the land. It doesn’t have to be a small market garden.

Many of us who grew up with influential adults in our lives who were or are avid veggie gardeners, appreciate the simple process of growing, harvesting and eating fresh food that you have grown yourself. My dad pretty much likes to cover any spare space, fill any container and grow food that he can share with others. I have been fortunate to also have both grandparents who were also passionate about growing their own food.

I was fortunate to catch up with some friends during the week that have a fabulous patch! Share this growing experience with their children and send visitors home with lovely home grown goodies.

So…my reason for telling you this? You don’t have to have vast acres of land to have a veggie patch and grow your own food. It is as simple as a pot for a chile plant, a planter for some tomatoes. Lettuce and kale – the gift that just keeps on giving….and of course…herbs! Keep them trim and use them and they shouldn’t grow out of control.

We are fortunate to have several fabulous nurseries in the Parkes and Forbes areas. If you end up with too many plants for your space….here is the most wonderful thing that you can do…give them to someone else to start their own garden!

If you aren’t up for a veggie patch, get down to the Forbes Farmers Markets, get to know your local fresh food providers and buy local!

A few links that might be helpful if you are looking at some fresh inspiration for 2021:



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