Looking At Landcare (13/11/2020) – NSW Forbes Rural Women’s Committee Expanded

Hi Landcarers

Last Friday the Forbes NSW Rural Women’s Gathering Committee were fortunate to welcome new members!

After a meet and great lunch at Sweet Three By The Lake, the new Committee were welcomed at Forbes Town Hall by Cr Jenny Webb. Cr Webb thanked the Committee for volunteering their time to such a significant event for the town. She expressed that both herself and Mayor Phyllis Miller OAM are looking forward to attending the Gathering.

The meeting was a chance to bring new members up to speed on progress made so far with organising the event. The Committee are looking at the new opportunities for increasing the impact of the Gathering to attendees and the community. The Gathering, that was postponed due to COVID19, will now be held in Forbes between 22 – 24 October 2021.

The organising committee makes key decisions, develops a theme and the weekend program. Each Gathering reflects the unique culture, industry, tourism and environment of the host community. We are keen to stick with our theme for the 2021 Gathering….Forbes NSW Rural Women’s Gathering 2020: AMAZING Women With Vision.

Women’s Gatherings are for all rural women including: farming women; Aboriginal women; women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; mining women; women in the fishing industry; women who live in regional cities, towns and villages; and coastal women.

We were originally expecting to host approximately 350 women for the Gathering and we are hopeful that we are still able to be able to host that number of women, but will, of course, be guided by the COVID19 guidelines.

Research by Social Ventures Australia found that Rural Women’s Gatherings aren’t only great for rural women they are also great for rural economies. The research found that the 2014 Rural Women’s Gathering in Coolamon injected over $230,000 into the local economy and that for every dollar invested in the event approximately $2.20 of social and economic value was created and rural women felt more connected, inspired and empowered.

In addition to providing a learning and inspirational experience to women, we are looking forward to bringing economic outcomes to the town and region as a result of this event.

If you would like to be added to our mailing distribution list, please contact me on cwllpo@hotmail.com

Sponsorship packages are available now and can be accessed via our website below.

Pictured are: Monica Wren; Marg Applebee (Secretary); Kylie Higgins; Sabrina Clarke; Caron Chester; Catriona McAuliffe (Treasurer); Nadia Parkinson; Tiffany Steele; Maree Yapp; Candice Iyer; Di Gill (Chairperson); Anna Dobbs; Cr Jenny Webb; Marg Duggan. Missing are Major Sandra Walmsley and Sharon Degeling.

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