Looking At Landcare (28/8/2020) – drumMUSTER Clearing out the Sheds before Harvest

Hi Landcarers

We are pleased to be hosting drumMUSTER at Parkes Waste Depot on Friday, 4 September.

These collections are only possible thanks to the contribution of time (and usually some good humour) from our lovely volunteers.

This will be our first collection since COVID19 restrictions have been put in place. Bookings are essential and we ask that social distancing rules be adhered to. Hand sanitiser will be available for use. If you have any flu-like symptoms, we look forward to seeing you at our next Muster and thank you for staying home.

To book in your drums, please contact Marg on 0418 611 053. Bookings are essential.

Forbes DrumMUSTER is currently suspended, but looking forward to collections again soon. We are all working to a new normal…and receiving drums again soon.

Proper rinsing and cleaning are the first steps in safely disposing of empty agvet chemical containers.

Clean containers are essential for meeting Occupational Health and Safety standards throughout the recycling process.

Any rinsing should be carried out immediately after emptying the chemical container, as residues are a lot harder to remove when dry.

Under current regulations in most states, containers that haven’t been properly rinsed can be classified as hazardous waste.

Developed with the environment in mind, the drumMUSTER program collects and recycles eligible, pre-cleaned agricultural and veterinary chemical containers.

drumMUSTER is a national product stewardship program that is supported by agvet chemical manufacturers, industry stakeholders which includes member and farming associations, state and local governments.

drumMUSTER has established collection facilities all over Australia and since its inception in 1998 the program has recycled over 34 million containers.

Once the containers have been collected, they are recycled into re-usable products such as wheelie bins, road signs, fence posts and bollards.

Participating manufacturers are identified by the inclusion of the eligible drumMUSTER container logo on their eligible containers. Containers not displaying this logo may be from non-participating manufacturers and will not be accepted into the program.

As more resellers turn to using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for their customers’ agvet chemical needs, many are still unsure about the right way to return IBCs once they’ve been used. The return process can be confusing, especially with multiple manufacturers of IBCs with different return policies.

Further links to drum Muster information and cleaning procedures are available here. Keeping our volunteers safe during handling of drums is very important. Thanks for helping out!

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