Looking At Landcare (29/11/2019) – Planning for a Sustainable Christmas Period

Hi Landcarer’s

Have you started your Christmas planning yet? Are you one of those people who just can’t wait until 1 December and started decorating already?

Have you even thought about where your Christmas gifts or decorations are sourced, what they are made of or whether they will be a long term option?

I know, it is easier to not think about these things….it’s December and we all want to start thinking about winding down and all the fun and sleep we are going to have over the Christmas period, right? You might even be mildly irritated at my suggestion.

We are one of the most privileged countries and the most affluent generations. It is your responsibility to put some thought into your purchases and the impact of those purchases and be a responsible gift giver.

Are you proud of the fact that you do a last minute race to the shops the day before Christmas and just purchase random stuff? It’s not something to be proud of any more!

The good news is that you have time to change your ways! You have just over three weeks to put some thought into your gifts and food. Go you good thing!

I love nothing more than a few sparkles, lights and tinsel. Here’s the thing….much of it is plastic. We all have it. I have decorations that are probably a bit past it, but when I put some of those decorations on the tree, I remember when one of my children brought home the picture cut-out of themselves dressed as an elf at pre-school and wonder where the years have gone and many other special things. That is the important stuff that we need to be conscious of, not how much plastic we can throw on our tree. Yep…my tree is plastic too. It’s there for the long term.

Gone are the days where Dad would go and knock down the perfect pine and bung it in a bucket of rocks in front of the fire place. Interestingly, probably one of the more sustainable options now.

Plan your meals. There is nothing like getting creative with the left overs. Just make sure they are stored well…probably in more plastic. Think about giving food as a gift even. Think about how you can re-purpose rather than throw out.

I know that it is pretty difficult to avoid the whole rubbish onslaught at Christmas, but at least think about how you dispose of it. Know what things can go in the green bin and what can go in the yellow. I will include a list on our website blog and facebook. It is pretty easy to do. Use your Return and Earn stations.

I know, a controversial suggestion….why don’t you purchase a worm farm for Christmas. Yep….it’ll be made out of plastic too, but hopefully recycled plastic. It is like any new thing that you take on, they just take a bit of practice to work out the balance, but once you get going, they are pretty easy to look after. Make your worm farm just part of life. They don’t need much attention. Just a check now and then and a feed and water and you can see the amazing work that they can do. I know, they can’t fetch and catch a ball, but are great little recyclers.

Last but not least….the most important thing that we can do is buy local. Even better if it has been produced locally. You can do it people!

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