Looking At Landcare (15/11/2019) – 2019 Trees In The House

Hi Landcarer’s

It was a pleasure to participate in the Annual Trees in the House event at Parliament House, along with our local State Member Mr Philip Donato MP, the Landcare NSW Committee and State Members of Parliament.

A new partnership between Landcare NSW and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment was announced last night in Sydney at the Event.

In support of the Premier’s Priority to Green our City (Sydney), Landcare NSW has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to help plant one million trees in the Greater Sydney area by 2022. This is part of the NSW Government’s program to plant five million trees in Greater Sydney by 2030.

Trees in the House, Landcare NSW’s yearly flagship event, is co-hosted with the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare (PFL) group. The PFL is a cross-party group of NSW Members of Parliament who have a common interest in demonstrating support for the goals of Landcare.

The evening also focused on the NSW Landcare Program (2019 – 2023), which is a continuation of the previous Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative (2015 – 2019) and in particular the new regional coordinator role.

The NSW Landcare Program (2019 – 2023) is a $22.4 million investment co-delivered by Landcare NSW and NSW Local Land Services.  A 2018 study found Landcare contributes $500m to the economy every year.

Landcare NSW CEO, Dr Adrian Zammit, said “We’re seeing the overall health of Landcare groups surge because of the on-ground support that Local Landcare Coordinators are providing. The addition of Regional Landcare Coordinators will play a pivotal role in growing the effectiveness of our statewide Landcare network. They are the drivers of regional resource and knowledge sharing and will coordinate and leverage the strategic goals of Landcare NSW and its member groups.

“The work that Landcare groups do every day across NSW directly benefits us all, but establishing resilient landscapes and communities especially during these trying times of prolonged drought and now bushfires, requires ongoing support and resources which is why our partnership with the NSW Government is fundamental to our ongoing operations,” Dr Zammit said.

The Regional Landcare Coordinator is a new role with nine of 11 positions already filled.  They will work with 68 part time Local Landcare Coordinators who support a 60,000-strong volunteer network.

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