Looking At Landcare (5/9/2019) – 30 Years of Landcare recognised at Wentworth

Hi Landcarer’s

It was a pleasure to represent Landcare NSW at the 30 Year celebration of Landcare held in Wentworth on Tuesday.

30 Years of Landcare Ambassador, Sophie Taylor-Price was a breath of fresh air at the event and it was powerful to hear her speak of her emotion being in the park where her grandfather, the late, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke launched Landcare as a national movement.

For those of you who haven’t ventured there, Wentworth is just beyond Mildura. This lovely town is at the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers.

As part of the afternoon proceedings, a River Red Gum was planted with signage recognising the significance of the placement. Ms Taylor-Price spoke about the fact that there was not actually anything in place acknowledging the significance of the park in terms of the Landcare movement and therefore the signage and the tree (planted with the shovel that was used by her grandfather 30 years ago) will be a physical representation.

Reflecting on her grandfather’s Landcare speech, Sophie said “I was struck by how progressive it was and yet how relevant it is today….it is increasingly challenging and the sentiments that are expressed in Landcare and in that speech around collaboration, particularly across divides such as farmers and conservationists.”

Ms price went further to say “That’s why the Landcare movement is special. It shows how when you collaborate you can have meaningful impact.”

So why is this all so special I hear you asking? It is hard to believe 30 years later, that this was the first significant union between farmers and conservationists to form Landcare to protect our Australian landscape for our future generations. We now have many landholders who are conservationists and vice versa.

How are we doing? I think we still have work to be done. We are just a small cog in the machine, but we can make a difference. We are experiencing extremes right in our own backyard.

As part of the proceedings, the first National Landcare Youth Summit was announced, which will be a platform for young people across Australia to deliver a series of addresses, panel discussions and presentations to inspire and motivate the next generation of Landcarers. Find out more information here.

Additional information for article obtained via Landcare Australia and ABC radio. Pictured are Western Landcare NSW representatives, with 30 Years of Landcare Ambassador Sophie Taylor-Price and Landcare NSW representative Marg Applebee.

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