Looking At Landcare (19/7/2019) – Greening up Forbes and Parkes with National Tree Day Planting

Hi Landcarer’s

Following on from last week’s article, I am pleased to share further details with you about National Tree Day activities in the Parkes and Forbes Shires.

I am including details for both here so that if you can’t make it on either day, you might be able to make the other day.

Whist National Tree Day is a great opportunity to catch up with or meet people from within your community, many people are more than happy to branch out and just be part of the day regardless of where they are located and just join with over 300,000 people around Australia over the weekend, who will contribute to planting projects at over 3,000 sites.

Planet Ark, who initiated National Tree Day, estimate that over a million trees will be planted in connection with National Tree Day Events this year. After 23 years of events and 25 million trees, it is exciting to be part of a nation-wide event and to have the chance to look back on some of our previous plantings.

Forbes will be planting on Saturday, 27 July from 10am at the end of York Street and Dawson Street. This site will provide a green space on the fringe of the town, with the intention of beautifying the area as well as providing habitat for native birds. RSVP here.

At Parkes on Sunday, 28 July, from 10am at Akuna Road, we will be planting near the Waste Water Treatment Plant near two previous planting sites, providing connectivity in a Fuzzy Box (Eucalyptus conica) woodland community. While volunteers are there, they are welcome to check out the previous plantings which are going well. RSVP here.

Considering that last year’s plants were planted in very dry conditions, both sites have survived fairly well with minimal follow up work.

Gloves, shovels and tree planters will be provided, but it would be appreciated if you could bring a small shovel if you have one and water.

We will be finishing off with a BBQ lunch at around 12pm which is a great chance to get to know other volunteers and, of course, take our yearly National Tree Day photo!

National Tree Day is possible with the support of Parkes and Forbes Shire Council’s and Toyota.

For more information and to register, go to our website at centralwestlachlanlandcare.org, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @cwllandcare or go directly to the National Tree Day Website at http://www.planetark.org

Until next week, happy Landcaring.