Looking At Landcare (15/3/2019) – Rural Women’s Gathering Submission for Forbes Gaining Momentum

Hi Landcarer’s

A group of fantastic ladies have been meeting over the past couple of months to bring together a submission to host the 2020 NSW Rural Women’s Gathering in Forbes.

Our 2020 NSWRWG Submission Committee have been busy sourcing support, venues and speakers to add to the submission, highlighting the wonderful shire that we have to promote and the wealth of energetic and enthusiastic women that we have to deliver such an event in Forbes.

Landcare are proud to auspice the event and the ladies who have been committed to the development process, represent and are in communication with, a large cross section of the community to provide feedback to and from the meeting.

Our Committee is lead by Chairperson Di Gill, who many people would be familiar with through her work with the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program and recently added to the list of 46 women from across the state who were added to the 2018 Hidden Treasures list.

Kimberley Harris, Community Relations Officer with Forbes Shire Council has taken on the Treasurer’s role, with a wealth of experience, supporting recent events such as the successful International Women’s Day event at the Lake, hosting over 100 ladies and the Elvis Breakfast held in January.

I enthusiastically put my hand up to be Secretary on behalf of Landcare and am now in the very exciting stage of seeing all of our fantastic ideas coming together in the proposal. Anyone who has been involved in preparing for an event will understand the phases of development and when everything starts to mould together and you can see how it all ties in, you gain a new level of enthusiasm.

Our submission is due on 31 March and we are grateful to have the opportunity to showcase Forbes and surrounding areas, with the intention of providing an event that encourages, supports and teaches participants, leaving them refreshed to take on their own fantastic adventures and undertakings.

If it is successful, we will be excited to share with between 300 – 400 rural ladies from across NSW, potentially injecting up to $250,000 into our drought affected community, which is a fantastic thing. We look forward to your support!

Please note that our next Central West Lachlan Landcare meeting has been postponed to Wednesday, 27 March at the Forbes Services Club.

For more information, go to our website at centralwestlachlanlandcare.org, facebook, twitter or Instagram @cwllandcare.

Until next week, happy Landcaring!