Looking At Landcare (31/8/2018) – Reading Down Town & Getting REaDICULOUS!

It is such a thrill for me to be involved in education activities in the Parkes and Forbes Shires. 

Last week I was thrilled to be part of the Reading Down Town Day in Victoria Park in Forbes and I am looking forward to joining the Paint Parkes REaD Team on Friday, 14 September to get REaDICULOUS! I can’t wait to share my REaDICULOUS Landcare friend, who will be joining me.

Last week it was fantastic to meet the hundreds of little people from schools in the Forbes Shire who were keen to learn about worms! Well, worm farms, to be specific.

Not many people have the opportunity to learn about worm farms from a pirate! Presenters were encouraged to share their treasure…and of course, with worms being the quiet achievers, some would say, the little treasures of the soil, I was happy to share about the amazing things that these little lovelies can achieve and they don’t ask for much!

Arr! There were some fabulous pirates sharing their treasure me hearties, with coffee ahoy from Forbes High School. Aye, it was a sight to behold! I did sink my anchor near the fountain….and fortunately I didn’t have to dance the hempen jig (you can look that one up, if you can’t work it out). Yep, that’s all I’ve got!….hang on…one more… and no one found Davy Jones’ Locker….yep, I’m done now…It was a fantastic day and full credit to the organisers and teachers for moving everyone around and being involved.

We had an opportunity to talk about what worms love….and what makes them sick. I was very impressed with the knowledge that many students had about how we can use our three bins to help us recycle even further, but not everything that you put in your green bin can go into the worm farm.

Probably about 70% of students had visited the Forbes tip at some stage. Even though the tip, or Waste Depot is not the sweetest place to visit, it provides insight into the waste issue for children.

It is easy for us to not think beyond putting the bin on the street and being woken up by clashing and banging and getting irritated because we could have slept those few minutes more if it weren’t for the truck collecting our rubbish!

A visit to the tip for some is a chance to discover that new bike, TV unit or something fabulous that can be re-purposed. Hopefully it also makes us appreciate that we have the option to have our bins taken away and we don’t have to struggle over piles of smelling rubbish every day. The bin man isn’t so bad after all! Actually, I really don’t mind being woken up early. The alternative is much worse.

I look forward to finding out how many Reading Day visitors have been to Parkes Waste Depot.

Another interesting and sad thing that I noticed, particularly given that we are in the thick of drought that is so widely impacting our country, is that when I talked to the children about worms on the path after it rains, most looked at me blankly. I did notice a few on the weekend after the little bit of rain, so I know that they are still out there working away. I guess for little people, it isn’t something that they have seen much of this year.

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 Until next week, happy Landcaring!