Looking At Landcare (16/8/2018) – Kangaroos, Bob Hawke & Livestock

This week I am covering off on a few important drought and Landcare related topics….Kangaroos, Bob Hawke and upcoming livestock decision workshop in Forbes.

You may be aware that the NSW Government has approved changes to licences to reduce kangaroo numbers as part of a package of drought relief measures. Due to the shortage of feed and to maintain animal welfare standards and ecologically sustainable kangaroo populations, the NSW Government has provided new measures to reduce kangaroo numbers, or as it is worded on the Office of Environment and Heritage website, ‘Licences to harm kangaroos’.

Under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, it is an offence to harm (including kill, injure or capture) a kangaroo or attempt to harm a kangaroo without a licence. To find out more information go to OEH website.

Changes effective from 8 August 2018 include: ecologically sustainable limits on the number of kangaroos that may be culled, based on property size; previous and current licence holders can apply for licences over the phone; more shooters may operate under each licence, and shooter details are provided to the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) after culling operations, rather than with the licence application; remove the use of carcass tags and the ‘shoot and let lie’ licence condition to reduce biosecurity risks; and allow landholders and shooters to use carcasses for non-commercial purposes.

On an entirely different topic, The Bob Hawke Landcare Award celebrates an individual who has been involved in championing the Landcare ethic and inspiring others to take action on their own property or through a Landcare group. This award acknowledges an individual who has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to caring for the land; champions better practices; and gives their time to share knowledge with others so that they too can prosper.

The Award acknowledges the role that former Prime Minister, the Hon Bob Hawke AC, played in elevating Landcare from a grass-roots community initiative to a national movement with strong government support.

The Bob Hawke Landcare Award recipient will be awarded with a prize package to the value of $50,000 for further development of their knowledge and skills in sustainable land management and Landcare. The winner will be required to submit a project proposal outlining out they plan to spend the $50,000.

To be eligible for the award, nominees must be actively involved in Landcare or sustainable agriculture and be willing to promote the Landcare ethos. All award nominations will be assessed by an independent advisory panel, including representatives from Australian, state and territory governments, Landcare and the natural resource management community. Nominations are now open and close on Thursday, 23 August for the 2018.

RaynerAg principal Alastair Rayner will be delivering a series workshops designed to better equip farmers to understand feeding costs versus likely market return.

The workshops will focus on: planning a cash flow budget to readjust strategies based on Feeding or selling for the remainder of 2018; resource budget of feed and water based on requirements for stock; and resetting key trigger points for livestock.

Producers will be able to re-evaluate livestock demands based on class, production status and feed options. Contact Mel on 6846 4569 to RSVP or follow this link.

The workshop will be held at the Forbes Inn on Wednesday, 21 August between 12pm and 4pm.

Links for assistance and other drought information is available via our website at centralwestlachlanlandcare.org, facebook, twitter or please feel free to contact our office on 02 6862 4914 and we will be happy to provide further information.

 Until next week, happy Landcaring!