Looking At Landcare – 11/8/2017

Hi Landcarer’s

Landcare Week is being held between 4 – 10 September and we have a few activities happening that we would love you to be involved in.

In partnership with the Lachlan Valley National Parks Association (LVNPA) we will be hosting speaker, Lynette McLeod on Wednesday, 6 September at 7pm at Parkes Neighbourhood Central as part of Landcare Week.

Lynette has spent nearly 20 years working with fox management issues and being involved in communication of research knowledge to stakeholders and the general public.

She has a passionate interest in improving communication strategies and increasing participation in pest animal management programs. It is hoped that behavioural approaches, such as those used in health and environmental areas, can assist in developing interventions that lead not only to a change in attitudes towards pest management, but also the sustained behavioural changes in target audiences that are essential if these programs are to be effective.

Lynette completed a Bachelor Science (Honours) at the University of NSW in 1987, then a Masters degree investigating the ecology of blowflies in the arid zone. She began working at the Vertebrate Pest Research Unit at NSW DPI in 1994, working mainly on foxes and fox management. Lynette has worked on many varied projects including exotic disease modelling, rabbits and RHDV and vertebrate pesticides, as well as in other areas including fruit flies and a three year stint with the Sheep CRC working on sheep genetics. She has also completed a Masters of Applied Science (Library and Information Management), and worked on an osteoporosis project at Sydney University and database management for the Department of Education and Communities.

She holds two Masters degrees – a Masters in Science from NSW University and a Masters of Applied Science (Information Management) at Charles Sturt University. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of New England, where she is applying behavioural theory to improve animal management interventions.

Predatory invasive mammals are a threat to native plants, birds, mammals and reptiles, as well as agricultural productivity.  Lynette has worked for many years in management and control of a range of pest species in NSW and recently completed a PhD project focusing on cat containment.  She looked at a range of strategies that limit cat damage and what motivates and supports people to take action on wildlife/plant/agricultural protection.

Her study helps show what encourages people to get involved in movements such as Landcare and in citizen science projects. And her talk will have a focus on how we, as residents, landholders etc can contribute to this wide scale problem.

The evening will conclude with supper. If you would like to attend the evening, please contact me on 02 6862 4914 or cwllpo@hotmail.com

The next National Parkes Association walk will be held on Sunday 27 August. The group, led by Graham and Liz MacRaild will be heading to Conimbla National Park. Walkers are asked to meet at 9am at the Gooloogong Rest Area. This will be a medium, 6 kilometre walk.

If you are intending to join the group on this day, please contact leaders Graham and Liz on 0455 915 989 the evening before the walk.


The group undertook this walk last year after we had received significant rain, so it will be interesting to see this area after a drier winter.

Walkers are reminded to bring along enough food and water for the entire day as well as suitable clothing, footwear, hat and sunscreen. A pair of good binoculars and a fold up chair is recommended. A $2.00 donation for each walker is appreciated.

Until next week, happy Landcaring!