Looking At Landcare – 14/4/2017

Hi Landcarers

School holidays are upon us again. It feels like we only just got going! I hope that you get a well-earned break over the Easter long weekend to those of you who have started sowing, stay safe out there.

Many of our keen anglers will be heading to the dams and streams that we are fortunate to have in our region. Have you checked out the Department of Primary Industries website so that you know what you bag and size limit is?

These limits are put in place to conserve fish stocks, protect threatened or vulnerable species, encourage responsible and ethical use of resources and apply to all forms of recreational fishing.

Have you ever dreamed of landing The Big One? Maybe you already have. Did you know that there are restrictions on photographing fish outside bag, size or other legal limits? This particularly targets Murray Cod in excess of 75cm.

The current policy allows photographs to be taken at the immediate location where the fish is landed, provided a device to photograph the fish is immediately available. Weighing of the fish in is not considered best practice (in line with the DPI catch and release guidelines) and not permitted for fish which are not permitted to be taken.

It might seem sometimes like big brother always has a stick waiting to beat us when we finally land the big one, but if we want our waterways to be healthy and our future generations to feel the rush of the catch, we have a responsibility to look after them.

The solution is to have your phone with you! I know, we often go out there to get away from the phone. Put it on silent and then when you go to take the photo of The Big One, looking at all of the missed calls won’t be so stressful!

We are fortunate to have so many apps available that can assist when identifying everything from fish to birds and insects. The good thing about these resources, as opposed to a paper version is that there aren’t pages to get wet or dirty, you have it with you – even when you are fishing and you can also keep a record on some apps. You just have to make sure that the phone doesn’t slip out of your hand!

It is easy to get disheartened when there seem to be so many different types of creatures out there to learn about, but like anything that we learn, it all takes time and practice. I don’t imagine many people need encouragement to keep practising their fishing.

I must admit that even though the apps are a great resource to have, I still prefer to flick through my field guide! Of course, we also have you tube to show how to tie that perfect Surgeon’s Knot.

I am looking forward to being part of the Small Landholder Information Workshop being held on Saturday, 27 May, between 9am and 1pm at the Forbes Youth Centre. This workshop is relevant to owners of small holdings in the Forbes area.

This workshop has been initiated by Central West Local Land Services and will bring together speakers addressing animal health, groundcover, fencing, security, pets and much more.

Attendees will be able to find out more about roles and responsibilities and how to manage and make the most out of your land. More info here.

For further information, follow the links on our website blog at centralwestlachlanlandcare.org or on facebook or ring 02 6862 4914. Until next week, happy Landcaring!