Looking At Landcare 29/1/2016

Hi Landcarers!

Continuing on from our three previous Landcarer profiles during January, this week Shelley and Colin Nutley have been kind enough to share about their property and involvement in Landcare and the community.

Colin and Shelley bought their property, ‘Tumbling Downs’, at Bogan Gate at the end of 2002 and made the big move from the UK in August of 2005.

The couple had previously visited the area as Shelley’s dad lived in the Forbes area and then at Gooloogong, so they had the benefit of being familiar with this part of the country. Their son lived in the house until they could move out.

Colin works full time with Pacific National based in Parkes and Shelley volunteers at the Forbes Visitor Information Centre and also works part time for Jemalong Irrigation Limited.

During their time on the property they have planted around 570 olive trees, together with a couple of hundred native trees.

The olives are processed on farm using their own small olive press. At least half ton of olives are required before the press is even switched on.  Their Olive Oil is sold at the Forbes Farmers Markets and at the farm.

The ground is quite stoney and gently sloping which seems to suit olive trees. Initially, it was a very steep learning curve to establish the irrigation for olive trees.

The biggest problem with the irrigation was the quality of the water, being very salty, so that was a significant hurdle that they have overcome.

Their pets include Boer Goats, some sheep and a few cattle, plus the dogs and cats.

Shelley and Colin have been members of Landcare for some time, but the first project they have been involved in was tree planting in 2015 when they put trees down a boundary fence for a windbreak. They planted the trees and then remembered they have to water them!!

The Nutley’s see the use of biological weed control as an important way to move forward to combat the plethora of weed issues that impact properties. They would like to see more options available to tackle weeds and weedy bushes without the use of chemicals.

Shelley and Colin love living in the area and can’t imagine ever moving back to a town or city!!