Looking At Landcare (9/3/2023) – Get Your Crop Ready for Swapping at Homegrown Parkes

Hi Landcarers

Get your crop ready for swapping!

When we first started discussing bringing together an event like Homegrown Parkes, we knew that Crop Swap had to play a part in the day.

For many people swapping or giving away their produce without reimbursement is a bit of an odd concept I have found. For me, with a father (and grandparents) who are/were always growing produce, producing eggs etc specifically for the joy of giving it away, it conjures up feelings of community building, sharing, learning and heaps of positive ‘vibes’.

We hope that Crop Swap participants will be encouraged by the event. There is pretty much a ‘positive vibes only’ feeling about the whole day.

Crop swapping is a great way for those who grow their own food to make sure nothing is going to waste. If you have an over-abundance of particular fruits or vegetables in the garden, preserves or homemade goods, they are all welcome. Some people are bringing a few gardening magazines, but please note that we don’t require a box of old magazines that should go in recycling.

Crop Swap will be running between 9am and 10am, then the space will be used for the fabulous Costa Rocks display!

We have already received some Crop Swap registrations, but please know that you are welcome to show up on the day with produce, we will just require your name and contact details etc.

Hannah Farrant-Jayet and Michael Chambers will be overseeing the Crop Swap Stall on the day and they have been busy preparing seedlings to give away.

In addition to the other fabulous activities on the day, we have now received over 30 stallholder applications! I am totally blown away by the amazing things that are being produced in our local area and we can’t wait to share it all on 25 March in Cooke Park.

Homegrown Parkes is a free event open to everyone between 9am and 2pm on Saturday, 25 March at Cooke Park and is proudly supported by Central West Lachlan Landcare, Parkes Shire Council and Parkes Community Arts.

We have set up a one stop shop for all Homegrown Parkes events, competitions and anything else that will help you to be part of our morning, that can be found here: https://bit.ly/HomegrownParkes

The event will be officially opened at 9am at the Pavilion by Costa Georgiadis.

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