Looking At Landcare (20/11/2020) – Appreciating Our Country Life

Hi Landcarers

It’s a bit of a mixed bag of information in this week’s Looking at Landcare.

This week I was fortunate to attend the Landcare NSW Annual General Meeting in Mascot. It was lovely to be able to welcome new members to Council and to reflect on the year that was across the State and look forward to changes that will be taking place over the year ahead that will provide further security to Landcare NSW in future years.

I managed to head into Circular Quay for breakfast and was shocked that Sydney still has a long way to go to recover from COVID-19.

My favourite spot to hang out is the Opera Kitchen, which for those of you who haven’t been there, is basically casual waterside dining with views to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. To a country girl it is pretty special.

Why am I telling you this? The reason is that I just want to remind us all in the busy month ahead leading up to Christmas that….as residents of rural communities we are pretty fortunate to be moving within our communities freely (being COVID safe of course). Businesses are recovering, the season that we are in has brought hope to so many people, not just landholders.

This (pre-COVID) busy Sydney spot was like a ghost town with just a few scattered diners taking in some brekky and the views. It really blew me away….not the same could be said for the traffic when I was leaving Sydney though!

As usual, after a quick stint in the city….it is always so fabulous to be home and after the nightmare of city traffic, I was rewarded by the most gorgeous country sunset. Embrace and promote what we have. Appreciate it and each other in the month ahead, when we are busy, some are lonely and some will be preparing for the saddest time of year. It is up to you to make a difference.

On an entirely different note, I am pleased to report that we are booked out for our Seed Collection Workshop with Mikla Lewis on Wednesday.

If you are still interested in undertaking a workshop, please fill in the Expression of Interest form and we will keep you on the list for future workshops.

The one day training will provide information on basic plant identification, including where you are likely to find certain species, what species are prominent in our local area, when is the appropriate time for gathering seed, gathering processes, sorting processes and storage. The workshop will be both written and practical.

Just a quick promo for the next National Parks Association walk coming up on Saturday, 28 November to Borenore Karst. If you are interested in attending the walk, get in contact with Walk Leader Martin Bell on 0429 346 586. This is a Medium, 8km walk. I will put up the link to an article on Borenore Karst on our website blog for further information about the site.

Note that Walkers are reminded to bring along enough food and water for the entire day as well as suitable clothing, footwear, hat and sunscreen.  A fold up chair is recommended and a $2 donation from each walker is appreciated. Please contact Martin the evening before the walk to confirm your attendance.

Many thanks to those who attended our catch up with Gus and Vicky Worland on Thursday evening. Landcare are pleased to be able to support Gotcha4Life in our communities.

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