Looking At Landcare (31/1/2020) – Regenerative Office Goals

Hi Landcarer’s

It is hard to believe that we are already Looking February in the face!

I have recently had several discussions regarding environmental sustainability goals. This can be on a personal level, but discussions have been more around business goals and how to set them. For a business sustainability can mean many things. Obviously they would like to have a sustainable workforce, sustainable economics etc. Why not look at some environmental goals to tie in with this.

I know that there are many with a deep environmental conscience that would just see this as part of what should be done, but for those who don’t, have a look at the financial and social impact that incorporating these goals into your organisational plan could make.

I am of the view that we should now be talking about going beyond sustainability and would rather look at regenerative goals. Really for the average person, just having increased awareness of the opportunities that we have to improve some of our practices is enough for now, but to improve, not just sustain, I think that we need to shift to the regenerative chain of thought.

Sustainability means to be maintained at a certain rate or level and to avoid the depletion of a natural resource in order to maintain an ecological balance. Due to much in-balance in our practices, there is a need for the regenerative view, rather than just sustaining. To regenerate, we improve a place or system, by making it more active or successful.

Many of us are already using the yellow and green bins, but could you take it to the next level? Does your paper get separated from plastics. Are there items that are making their way to the yellow bin that could go into green waste? Do you have a worm farm in your office? It isn’t as crazy as it sounds. They are awfully quiet little pets. Whack in a few tea bags, paper and keep it moist and you will be amazed how much they can break down! Mine coped just fine over the host Christmas break.

Next week we are going to get down to the nitty gritty of setting some goals for your business, school or home. Just being part of an organisation with regenerative environmental credentials is something to be proud of!

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