Quick Updates

Harvest Driver Safety Update 1

Roads and Maritime Services are issuing a reminder to farmers and grain transporters this harvest to take care and avoid driving tired, to help get this timely road safety message out RMS is pleased to have the support of organisations such as Central West Lachlan Landcare.

When we talk about driver fatigue we are talking about driving tired and fatigue-related crashes can happen on any trip no matter how long or short or what time of day. It’s important to think about how tired you are before driving, recognise the early warning signs when driving and know what to do to avoid driving tired.

Did you know?

  • Fatigue is one of the big three killers on NSW roads
  • Fatigue-related crashes are twice as likely to be fatal – drivers who are asleep can’t brake
  • In 2015 more people in NSW died in fatigue-related crashes than drink driving crashes
  • Being awake for about 17 hours has a similar effect on performance as a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05

For more information, go to the RMS website.